Mt Whitney from Lone Pine, CA
The trailhead sign
The trailhead 2
The trailhead 3
Trail information
Climbing fast.
Dramatic runoff
Turn here for the Mountaineer's Route
The Needles
The Owens Valley
The Ebersbacher Ledges
Starting the Ebersbacher Ledges.
Exiting the ledges
Whitney comes into view
Lower Boy Scout Lake with Mt Whitney and the Needles.
Lower Boy Scout Lake from above
Climbing higher
Another waterfall
Looking back from the top of the waterfall
Upper Boy Scout Lake
The route to Iceberg Lake
Up the snow.
Owens Valley again
Mt Whitney and the Needles just before Iceberg Lake.
Mountaineer's Route
Iceberg Lake
The approach
In the couloir
9000 ft above the valley.
The traverse
The Notch
The Notch and the couloir
Last light on the Notch.
Last sun on the traverse
Sierra sunset