La Luz parking lot
La Luz trailhead
First switchbacks
First mile
Old trail goes left
View north to the main trail
First saddle
2.4 miles
Shady spot
View back from the first saddle
Into the pines
About half way up
Gnarly tree
Lower La Cueava
La Cueava Overlook - December
La Cueava Overlook - June
Right before the overlook
Upper La Cueva
Upper La Cueva Closeup
Upper La Cueva in autumn
The 5 mile sign.
Snow warning.
Snow warning closeup.
Snow warning buried.
Straight up the canyon in February
On the rockpile
Looking down canyon about half way up the rockpile
Looking up at the Crest House about half way up the rockpile
Eighth switchback
Trail junction
Looking south
Approachig the trail junction
The stairs
Wilderness boundary
Overlook near the top
Almost up
On the crest
The radio towers
The Crest House and beyond
End of the trail
Into the pines