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Welcome page:

Background image of Eagle nebula courtesy of Space Telescope Science Institute, downloaded from CNN's site at Photo modified using Adobe PhotoDeluxe. All other graphics designed by Guy and Debbie using Corel-Draw3 and "The GIMP", a fantastic graphics freeware package from GNU that can be downloaded at

Calendar page:

The Taz's are courtesy of the Miss Super Taz site at Modifications were made using "The GIMP" and some JavaScript programming. All other images and animations were designed and scripted by Guy and Debbie using the tools noted above. The calendar itself consists of approximately twenty pages of moderately involved Java programming (14 classes) courtesy of Guy (Debbie hasn't gotten quite that far yet, but we're working on it!). It is based on a homework problem once assigned at Indiana University. (This applet has been recently updated to use "Swing" components. Download the Java Plug-in if prompted; I swear it won't fry your computer! A non-Swing version is available if you don't want the hassle of a 5 Meg download.)

The Graphing Calculator:

Another Java applet designed to hone my own skills and maybe help out some of the students I tutor at Ivy Tech State College. Not as many Java classes as the calendar, but parsing the text input into a useful mathematical expression was a VERY educational experience. Much more difficult than it appeared when I first started. The "Swing Calculator" is an upgraded version of the original using the new JFC/Swing components from the 1.3 release of Java. Much nicer look and feel (in my opinion). Again, the Java plug-in is a hassle to download unless you have DSL (or anything better than a 56k modem), but once it's on your system, you never have to do it again. (Note - the latest update will now plot ordinary differential equations. If I ever get the 3D version running, I''ll try to add partial differential equation functionality.)

Fractal page:

Yet another Java applet used to generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Most of the backgrounds on this site were created by doing a screen capture on a Mandelbrot image, picking out a square area I like, then symmetrizing the area using "The GIMP". It's a lot of fun to play around with.

Gallery pages:

All graphics on the three galleries (excuse me, it's now eight! - no, make that 14) and their enlargements were created using Corel-Draw3, The GIMP, a lot of time, even more love, and an infinite amount of patience and moral support from my lovely wife, Debbie.

Coming soon: "3D Graphing Calculator"

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