The Calendar Page

(Click here if you can't see the calendar and don't want to download the plug-in)

Welcome to "The Calendar Page". This Java applet takes any date in the 3000 B.C. to 4000 A.D. range, computes its day of week, then draws a calendar for the appropriate month and year. The calendar may be drug with the mouse from month to month and year to year, and historical events for a given day and month may be accessed by clicking on the "History" button. More detailed instructions may be obtained by clicking on the "Directions" button.

The links to the left and right of the calendar lead to photo galleries chronicalling our hobbies and homelife (and gave us a chance learn some HTML and JavaScript!). Each photo links to an enlargement of that photo and its accompanying story. All pages have links that return either to the original gallery or to this page. Enjoy!